Impact Resistant Windows vs Hurricane Shutters: What to Choose?

Not so often a man finds himself in the jaw of a force of nature of such enormous destructive potential as hurricanes and high-intensity storms. Resulting in mass devastation, these storms come yearly and last for a whole ‘season’. With the Atlantic Hurricane Season of 2019 starting early in June, it is a reasonable choice to start protecting yourself and your home and to begin with resistant windows and shutters. Let us help you wage on the option that could benefit you more.

About 10 tropical storms tend to develop throughout the Atlantic ocean each year, with a large percentage of them reaching large continental populated areas and delivering disastrous consequences to the population of the hurricane’s path. People of these areas tend to invest in hurricane protection for their doors and windows.

Hurricane Impact Windows vs Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane Windows: Pros and Cons

Many households in hurricane-ridden areas own houses with pre-installed hurricane-enduring equipment. Others chose to install them eventually. The windows play a large role in keeping home occupants safe when debris from the outside starts to fly. The quality and the durability of these windows has a history of anti-burglary cases, raising the safety of the occupants to another level.

We must not fail to mention the energy efficiency of these windows, as well as design versatility – you can choose from a palette of designs or have custom-made ones.

Objectively, the only potential disadvantage of impact glass would revolve around its price, however, it will save you large sums of money in case of disaster, and it will surely raise the value of your home in case you plan to sell it. Overall – completely worth it!


Hurricane Windows

Hurricane Shutters: Yes or No?

Collectively, owners of houses and commercial properties would say yes; as they are altogether inexpensive, simple to install, and easy to maintain, the shutters appeal to many. Buyers are able to choose from a variety of styles, such as accordion and Bahama shutters, automatic roll-down shutters, panels, etc. The most frequently chosen materials are PVC and metal.

You should, however, bear in mind that the installation of these shutters may oftentimes be laborious and dull, as the shutters need to be hinged to the building with different bolts and, if very heavy, it will be necessary to anchor them to the window’s top and bottom side before installing.

The Strategy To Make The Right Choice

It is a good idea not to hurry when making a decision on which of the options to choose. Your property is of great value and should be protected in such a manner. The optimal option is to choose impact windows and protect them with shutters. If you plan on spending a more reasonable amount of money, you should plan according to the location of your house and the overall frequency of hurricanes.

Some things to consider as well are general impact strength of the hurricanes in your area, your surroundings, amount of houses and high-rises in your area, and so on. Bear in mind that storm-resistant accessories might require a building permit, so it is smart to consult this matter with your local authority.

Impact windows and hurricane shutters both offer plenty of conveniences and a couple of disadvantages as well. And while shutters come at a lower price, they require extra steps with their installation. Objectively, both will do a good job protecting the prized possession that is your property. If your choice is high-quality impact windows and doors, we heavily encourage you to browse our Ygrene-authorized palette of products here.